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About Us


Volgin’s goal is to help others achieve the best version of themselves by helping humans realize their maximum genetic, creative and life potential. We strive to bring humans to strength so they too can help the world.



Volgin is a naturetech company that specializes in returning biologically correct values back into modern living by identifying and understanding human health problems caused by oversights in modern technology and providing scientifically-based, comprehensive, sustainable and natural solutions. This includes creating pertinent and innovative scientific information and practical consumer products based on this concept.


One of the biggest and fastest growing problems resulting from technical oversight is modern microbiome health, which is our first and primary focus. The microbiome is a cornerstone of human health, and as it’s failing, we’re creating organic solutions to naturally support microbiome health.



We aim to correctly restore health using a comprehensive understanding of human health, which naturally straddles several disciplines including biology, medicine and food. We aim to prevent disease and eliminate the need for traditional medicine by making food quality so effective that it is better than a drug alternative.


How We’re Different

We understand the “why.” Our collective 68 years of scientific research experience, creative approach and comprehensive understanding of the many moving parts of health allows us to 1) see the big picture, 2) determine the causal problem zones, and 3) hone in on the precise problem root rather than address the many emanating symptoms. This approach lets us inject a small and targeted but powerful change that positively affects the entire human health dynamic. Therefore, we can produce relatively simple but incredibly effective solutions to seemingly very complex and multi-faceted problems.

We share this information freely in hopes it helps others help the world, too.


Meet the Team


Andrei is a senior research scientist who has devoted a decade to cancer research at MD Anderson and 13 years at Baylor College of Medicine after he moved from his position as chief scientist at the National Research Center for Medical Genetics in Russia. Andrei is passionate about comprehensively understanding digestive health from a “big picture” perspective and developing real-world solutions for end consumers. His diverse experience in cell biology, immunology, biotechnology and genetics continues to grow as he transfers his lab-based research into practical consumer application.


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Kirill completed his BS at the MD Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions for molecular genetics technology. He has worked with next-gen sequencing technology, developed primers for clinical tests at Texas Children’s Hospital, and recently presented a plenary speech at the International Microbiome Conference based on his research.


Sasha completed her entrepreneurship and supply chain management double major at the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship and personally managed a team of 40 members in a project management role before quitting to start her own business. Sasha is driven by producing real value-add solutions directly for consumers and has partnered with Andrei and Kirill to accomplish this goal.


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