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VOLGIN Immunitea Elixir

Information page

Volgin is bringing the ancient cultural knowledge of wild-harvested goodness to you in a potent, easy-to-drink elixir for boosting immune and other innate protective systems.

From the far reaches of the Siberian Sayan and Altai Mountain regions, to the Siberian forest and Brazil’s grassland, we’ve put the most effective and centuries-used ingredients into an Immunitea.

The strategically chosen components of Immunitea work synergistically to increase resistance to viral, fungal and bacterial infection, boost energy and stamina, support digestion, and promote vitality, health and longevity.

Immunitea does NOT completely prevent you from becoming infected. Immunitea may lower the risk of infection and lowers the risk of symptoms from escalating with infection by increasing your body’s defenses.

Only one thing can completely prevent infection: isolation/quarantine.

The second-best defense to infection is to increase the body’s resistance to infection, which is why we made Immunitea.

Immunitea is an extract of immunomodulators, natural antiseptics, high vitamin concentration berries, and loads of naturally-occurring antioxidants and minerals.



Chaga mushroom (wild-harvested from Siberian Sayan Mountains): immunomodulator, increases body’s innate protective systems, cancer-prevention, digestive support, supports body’s ability to detoxify, 

  • Immunomodulatory Activity of the Water Extract from Medicinal Mushroom Inonotus obliquus (chaga)


  • Antiinflammatory and Immunomodulating Properties of Fungal Metabolites


  • Continuous intake of the Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) aqueous extract suppresses cancer progression and maintains body temperature in mice


  • A Critical Review on Health Promoting Benefits of Edible Mushrooms through Gut Microbiota: Section 3.2 Chaga Mushroom


Shilajit (mumijo) (wild-harvested from Altai Mountains): immunomodulator, increases body’s innate protective systems, anti-inflammatory, adaptogen, longevity support, anti-dyslipidemic

  • Safety and efficacy of shilajit (mumie, moomiyo)

 “Various research studies indicate that shilajit exhibits antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic, immunomodulatory, and anti-dyslipidemic properties.”

  • Mumijo traditional medicine: fossil deposits from Antarctica (chemical composition and beneficial bioactivity)


  • Mumijo attenuates chemically induced inflammatory pain in mice

“Mumijo (shilajit) has been well known in traditional medicine as a remedy for a number of diseases, such as bone fractures, wounds, inflammation, and headache.”


Propolis (harvested from Brazilian killer bees): natural antiseptic, powerful insect-produced “antibiotic”, has strong anti-viral, bacterial, and fungal properties, increases body’s innate protective systems, killer bee propolis is a more potent version of other honeybee propolis

  • Composition and functional properties of propolis (bee glue): A review.

Propolis is “an antiseptic meant for preventing bee-hive from microbial infections along with preventing decomposition of intruders. Additionally, propolis has been used in folk medicine for centuries. More than 300 compounds have been identified in propolis…”


  • Antioxidant Potential of Propolis, Bee Pollen, and Royal Jelly: Possible Medical Application.

“Honeybees products comprise of numerous substances, including propolis, bee pollen, and royal jelly, which have long been known for their medicinal and health-promoting properties. Their wide biological effects have been known and used since antiquity.” 


  • The phytochemistry of the honeybee.

“The present review deals with propolis, because it is the bee product with highest concentration of specialized plant metabolites and has valuable pharmacological activities.”


Blackcurrant: many health-promoting effects including immunomodulatory, antimicrobial, and antiinflamatory properties, microelements, vitamins, active enzymes, bioflavonoids, antioxidants, high vitamin C

  • The health benefits of blackcurrants.

 “…modern laboratories have demonstrated the potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects of blackcurrant constituents on a myriad of disease states.”


  • Anthocyanin-rich black currant extract suppresses the growth of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells.

“Constituents present in black currant juice have been found to exert a number of health-promoting effects, including immunomodulatory, antimicrobial and antiinflammatory actions, inhibition of low-density lipoprotein, and reduction of cardiovascular diseases.”


Cowberry (lingonberry) (wild-harvested from Siberia):  natural antiseptic (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral), immunomodulatory, microelements, wound healing, anti-parasitic, boosts liver health, active enzymes, vitamins, bioflavonoids, optimizes body metabolism, improves mood and energy

  • Evaluation of Bioactive Compounds, Minerals and Antioxidant Activity of Lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.) Fruits

 “The intake of lingonberry has been associated with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities”


  • Phytochemical Properties and Antioxidant Activities of Extracts from Wild Blueberries and Lingonberries.



Local honey

Grapefruit rind

Lemon rind

Lemon juice


More info coming soon!

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