4-Pack Disposable Germinator



BudBox: a simply effective germinator built on extensively thorough research, a new step in nutrition and probiotics found nowhere else.


Germinate grain effectively, safely and deliciously with BudBox – a disposable plant-based germinator that gives you the freedom to produce fresh, perfectly germinated grain anywhere at any time. BudBox’s new germination technology ensures foolproof grain germination based on an ideal pre-measured air:water:grain ratio per grain type.


Grow your own probiotic and prebiotic living grain the way nature made it – inherently integrated in fresh, living food. Nourish your body with effective, naturally occurring probiotics, prebiotics (fiber), active enzymes, diverse nutrition and vital elements found only in the short window of early-stage plant germination.


After extensive research into grain cultivars, germination yield, flavor, texture micro- and macroelement composition, the Volgin team has selected the most effective grain types to provide maximum nutritional and probiotic benefit. No other ready-to-grow germinator comprehensively provides the diversity of vital nutrition as BudBox’s carefully considered composition.


The same grains that we’ve meticulously chosen for germination that we provide at the farmer’s market, but dry and ready to store until use.

Download written instructions here!: BudBox Germination Instructions 

View a quick how to germination video here!: YouTube Link



The personal, do-it-yourself version of our variety pack! Now have perfectly germinated grain whenever you want, wherever you go!

This variety pack personal germinator includes all four grains: wheat berries, rye berries, mung beans and sunflower seeds.

  • Rye is a hearty, earthy and classic living grain with a neutrally nutty and pleasant taste for use in sweet and savory dishes. As it grows more and more plantlike, its nutrition drops, but it develops a fruity overtone and eventually becomes very sweet, as starches are being broken down for the new growing plant.
  • Wheat is a universal, pleasant and sweeter living grain with a doughy, melon-like, and neutral taste for a multitude of food uses.
  • Mung beans are a crunchy, light, and protein-packed living grain with a refreshing and sweet-pea-like flavor for use in a variety of savory dishes.
  • Sunflower seeds are a flavorful, delicate and essential-fatty-acid-dense living grain with a sunflowery and nutty flavor for use in a wide range of foods or snacks.

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