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Germinated Mung Beans (12 oz)


  • Effective natural probiotic & prebiotic supplement for gut microbiome support
  • Concentrated source of active enzymes and natural bioactive molecules
  • Naturally diverse set of easy-to-absorb macronutrients
  • High quality vegan protein
  • High levels of soluble and insoluble fibers
  • Effectively absorbs protein(meat?) toxins from other foods when eaten together with meat or fish
  • High levels of group B vitamins, folates and easy-to-absorb microelements, especially manganese, potassium, magnesium, folate, copper and zinc
  • Recommended to eat in the second half of the day
  • A crunchy, light, and protein-packed living grain with a refreshing and sweet-pea-like flavor for use in a variety of savory dishes
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Germinated mung beans are a crunchy, light, and protein-packed living grain with a refreshing and sweet-pea-like flavor for use in a variety of savory dishes.

How To Eat Germinated Grain

Eat Raw

A germinated grain is a living, growing organism. In order to get the highest probiotic and nutritional value, always eat germinated grain raw and uncooked within a week of purchase. If you plan on adding germinated grain to a hot dish, do so post-cooking so that the grain does not exceed human body temperature and retains its delicate vital living elements.

Incorporate However You Like

Germinated grain has a neutral taste, so it can be used in a wide range of dishes and snacks.

Enjoy germinated grain as a compliment to sweet breakfast dishes, like mixed in with oatmeal, granola or yogurt, as a side dish to a meal or mixed in with salads or smoothies, or eaten plainly on its own as a snack in any sweet or salty combo!

If you find grain difficult to chew, we recommend grinding it in a coffee grinder and consuming it immediately within 5-10 minutes.

Which Grain Do I Start With, and How Much?

All Volgin germinated grain supports human health. Since all grain types vary in flavor, texture, and specific benefits, we recommend starting with a variety starter pack and trusting your body to choose which one you like best. We recommend the standard microbiome correction approach for most adults: a minimum of 2 tablespoons of germinated grain a day, one with with breakfast (rye or wheat) and one with dinner (mung bean or sunflower seed).

Generally, the more germinated grain you eat, the more it positively affects your health. We recommend starting with lower doses of germinated grain (2 tbps/day) so your microbiome can steadily shift without turbulence. For best results, we recommend first cycling through all 4 grains. Once you’re adjusted, you may eat as much germinated grain in any combination (up to 100g a day) without discomfort. Some adults discover that after cycling through all grains, they will crave some more than others once their body starts rehabilitative processes with its newfound nutrition. In that case, we recommend consistently cycling through all 4 grains, and supplementing your diet with individual grain packs as desired.

How Long Does a Pack Last?

Each grain pack is formulated to last 1 adult a minimum of 1 week, however most adults consume more. If you purchase a variety starter pack, it can be supplemented with an individual grain pack for the duration of the week.


How to Store Germinated Grain

Grain should be stored for the fridge and eaten within 7 days of purchase to retain all probiotic and nutritive benefits. Germinated grain will still grow in the fridge after 7 days (and remains edible), but it will begin to lose nutritional quality since it becomes less embryonic and more plant-like the longer it grows.

A Desirable Food, Not Only For Us!

Germinated grain is a living food, and we’re not the only ones who want a piece. If you open your germinated grain box multiple times, you may allow contaminants from your environment to make home in your germinated grain. To make sure you’re not eating anything you shouldn’t, it’s best not to eat grain that has an unpleasant odor when you open the box. A neutral, probiotic (yogurt-like) aroma is normal, and means your grain is doing what it’s supposed to!



Where to Pick Up

Volgin is at Urban Harvest Market at Eastside Saturdays from 8AM to 12:10PM! To ensure that your desired product doesn’t sell out, you can pre-order here by Friday 6PM. Just email us if it’s past that time.

Email us with any other questions to myvolgin@gmail.com!


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