Old World Rye Bread


Old world rye bread is bread made the way our ancestors made it – with no commercial yeasts, sugars, preservatives or chemicals. Volgin rye bread is fermented for over 24 hours using the power of germinated rye microorganisms to naturally leaven bread dough. Due to its long fermentation process, Volgin rye bread contains a low glycemic index, is much less inflammatory than breads bought in-store, and is easy for the body to absorb. Many gluten-sensitive customers enjoy our bread with no problem.

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Old world traditionally-fermented rye bread follows the same recipe our ancestors used before the advent of quick-rising commercial yeasts and other additives. Volgin rye bread is based on the historical Russian dark rye bread, which has been used for centuries as a nutritional food staple. The 24 hour fermentation process begins to break down the gluten present in rye dough flour, making it much less inflammatory and easy for the body to absorb than commercially available breads. Many of our gluten-sensitive consumers enjoy our rye bread with no issue.



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