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Hello! Volgin will not be at the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market on two dates: December 28th 2019 and January 18th 2020 for a family vacation. Urban Harvest will not hold a farmer’s market at all on January 25th due to school testing. We will not be fulfilling orders on these weeks with the exception of customers who have contacted us previously.

If you have any questions, please feel free to text us at 713-204-2295.

Happy Holidays!

Reserve online now & pay at pickup!

Our products can sell out quickly!

To ensure you get what you want, reserve your order here! You can then pick it up at the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market at Buffalo Speedway and Westheimer, every Saturday from 8AM to 12:10PM.

You may also reserve through our email or contact us with any further questions at myvolgin@gmail.com or by text at 713-204-2295. Reserve online by Friday at 9PM.

All Volgin grain is certified organic, raw, non-GMO, whole, living and germinated locally in Houston, Texas.

The Volgin team provides probiotics, prebiotics, and bioactives the way nature made it – inherently integrated in fresh, living food. Nourish your body with effective, naturally occurring probiotics, prebiotics (fiber), active enzymes, diverse nutrition and vital elements found only in the short window of early-stage plant germination.


After extensive research into grain cultivars, germination yield, flavor, texture micro- and macroelement composition, the Volgin team has selected the most effective grain types to provide maximum nutritional and probiotic benefit.


Volgin offers fresh, expertly germinated variety and individual packs at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market. In addition, you can also purchase our newly designed dry disposable germinators at the market or online. 

What does that do for you body? Read here!

Germinated grain is the only food we know of that contains all above factors in an ideal ratio for the human body. In addition to these factors, each grain has its own special benefits. Click on each gain 12 oz product to check it out!

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