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Modern food technology produces food that lacks 3 vital elements we need to be healthy.

We asked ourselves: why does it seem like modern food doesn’t support health anymore? We comprehensively analyzed scientific data across many medical and biological disciplines and figured it out: modern food technology produces food that lacks 3 vital elements we need to be healthy.
This causes a systemic health failure for the people that consume high-tech food in advanced countries.
It presents itself as a sharp rise we haven’t seen before in problems like digestive diseases, obesity, hormonal and immune system imbalances, cardiovascular disease and increasing cancer risk.
The same chicken or salad grown 30 years ago and now looks and smells the same, but today’s food is fundamentally different.

We figured out the most effective, natural and easy way to correct systemically deficient food.

After years of research and investigation, we realized that one of the most robust foods that retains the elements we need occur naturally in germinating grain.
During a very short time of activation, living grain contains exactly what our high-tech food is missing and that our bodies need.
We developed a germination technology that best saves these vital components.

We figured out how to improve human health by correcting the cause of the problem: high-tech food. It’s the first, basic most important step for health improvement in our advanced high-tech society.

We developed a germination technology that takes advantage of the natural germination power of grain for microbiome and nutritional support to provide food and health correction.
The active elements in living grain directly support human health, and grain’s naturally-occurring probiotics stabilize and balance the gut microbiome.
A healthy human microbiome is foundational to human health.
We combined our scientific knowledge, our developed germination technology and practical application to create an accessible method for anyone to support their bodies naturally and help alleviate current disease and prevent future onset.


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We believe that health is the ultimate freedom. As a long standing family of scientists and innovators, we love leading an active and creative life. However, something has changed recently that makes it harder for us to be healthy, happy and live like we want to. So we took it upon ourselves to change that.



NASA Grant

Sending our grains to Mars!

The microbiome is a new, understudied area of the human body. Although more and more research is becoming available about the efficacy of foods in microbiome support, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Although we have experienced the effects listed, this product has not yet been officially tested to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Our grain is germinated using proven and effective germination processes. We take extensive care to ensure that every product we make brings only health. Theoretically, like with all raw foods, consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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